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New plywood edgeband designs

At Cantisa we have available three new plywood edgeband designs that will help you create modern spaces.

The three new designs mean an upgrade to our plywood edgeband collection. You can combine them with neutral colours for a Nordic style or with bright colors for a retro touch.

These are some recommended combinations in our virtual customizer. Enter now and create your personalized design!

Contrachapado Albino | Albino Plywood

Albino plywood

Combine Albino plywood edgeband with vibrant colors for a retro effect and travel back in time to the 50’s.

Marino plywood

Get inspired from the industrial style and combine this edge with neutral tones.

Ceniza plywood

The darkest in our plywood collection, the ash tone of the Ceniza plywood edgeband, will help you achieve a more rustic look in your interior design projects.

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