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Edgebanding solutions available for Sudesa’s 2020 new designs

We have the edgebanding references available for Sudesa’s new melamine designs.

Find the 22 edgebanding equivalences that perferctly match the new plain colour, metallic, fantasy and wood designs.

With this collection, Sudesa introduces an entire range of designs and textures to give added value to our interiorism projects. In order to get the perfect finish, in Cantisa we have captured the spirit of these designs and reflected it in our edgebands.

You can already order from one roll and in any width the edgeband designs available for Sudesa. Download the cross-reference table or use our edgeband finder in order to know all the references available.

The new textures

RAIN and SNOW are the new natural style textures created by Sudesa. Following the trend towards raw nature, our edgebanding embossings highlight the details of Sudesa’s textures.
RAIN shows a fine composition with a discontinuous grain. Its delicate pore pattern with different depths conveys the essence of wood.
Sudesa Snow Texture - A44 embossing
SNOW presents a structure of linear harmony, which creates a velvety sensation with slight undulations, the balanced level of gloss plays with the positive/negative of its pore.
Even in this difficult time, our creativity won’t stop working. Today, more than ever, digital technologies allow us to bring more and more ideas and inspirations. That’s why, we have developed an online customizer where you can combine our edgebands with more than 200 board designs from the main manufacturers.
You can already find in our 3D customizer the new Sudesa’s melamine designs and our matching edgebanding equivalences. In order to see all Sudesa’s references apply the filter by board manufacturer (“Filtro por talberista” option).
With just one click you can combine any reference with other decorative edgebands of our catalogue. Choose between more than 200 references!
Sudesa Espiga
3931 ESPIGA    |    Customize it >>
Ref. Cantisa: 8541.08
Sudesa Espiga través
3931 ESPIGA    |   Customize it >>
Ref. Cantisa: S8541.08 (través) + 8541.08 (malla)
Sudesa Roble Indian
3952 ROBLE INDIAN    |     Customize it >>
Ref. Cantisa: 8517.08
Sudesa Roble Indian Testa
3952 ROBLE INDIAN     |    Customize it >>
Ref. Cantisa: 6766.08 (testa) + 8517.08 (malla)
Sudesa Lucena
3916 ROBLE LUCENA      |     Customize it >>
Ref. Cantisa: 7811.08
Sudesa Lucena con canto Testa
3916 ROBLE LUCENA     |     Customize it >>
Ref. Cantisa: 6277.08 (testa) + 7811.08 (malla)
Sudesa Marquina
1836 MARQUINA     |      Customize it >>
Ref. Cantisa: 8354.08
Sudesa Aurum
1090 AURIUM     |     Customize it >>
Ref. Cantisa: 8254.08

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