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Veneer Rolls
for Profile Wrapping

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The traditional process for profile wrapping is to introduce on one side of the wrapping machine the profile to be wrapped and on the other side the wrapping veneer foil.

The use of continuous veneer rolls, enables a faster productions output by minimizing stoppage sequences between profiles.

It also eliminates the inconvenient of preparing the veneer to the length of the profile to be wrapped, as different length profiles can be processed continuously.

Wood veneer is carefully classified thus providing uniform colour and a high quality. Although it depends on the timber species, quarter cut, with a uniform, straight vertical grain, is preferred through the world by furniture designers, obtaining an almost invisible splice line.


When the profile development to be wrapped is wide, and quarter cut veneer is required, we offer a longitudinal glued joint, in order to obtain larger widths of quarter cut veneer, which otherwise could not be obtained.

To produce continuous veneer rolls, the union of veneer sheets is performed by means of a fingers joint (irregular zig-zag teeth) which conceals the union joint, the back being strengthened with fabric.

If the veneer is not perfectly flat, it’s pressed before being turned into edges.  Reducing veneer buckles avoids edge banding application failures, thus eliminating the risk of production interruptions.

Our veneer rolls do not contain holes, splits, or any other surface imperfections, thus guaranteeing maximum productivity in the profile wrapping process.

Upon production, the veneer rolls are wrapped with plastic, to preserve wood qualities.

Standard length of rolls is 250 lineal metres.

Possible widths range from 60 mm to 250 mm.

Veneer foil length is 1,80 metres and more.

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