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3D edgebanding (PMMA)
and Duo (Cristal Effect)

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Polymetilemetacrilate is a highly transparent thermo-plastic polymer.

This characteristic, makes it the perfect raw material for the elaboration of 3D effect edges.

The advantages of a 3D effect edge are :

  • Being the interior of the edge transparent, it will blend with the melamine surface, (thus creating a perfect match).
  • At the angles, the design of the edge does not dissipate thanks to the printing of the grain being applied on the under layer of the edge.
  • A depth effect is visualized thanks to the printing of the edge being applied on the under layer and not on the surface of the edge .
  • The exterior design will remain undamaged as the printing is not exposed to scratches or impacts.

It can be produced in Matt or High gloss .

Thanks to this technique, several versions are at your disposal :


DUO (Cristal Effect)

DUO ( Cristal Effect over aluminum surface ).

Simulates the effect of a 4 mm tinted glass placed over an aluminum surface .


DUO ( Cristal effect over white surface ).

This is the result of the combination of a thin uni-color strip over a wider white strip.

The back board surface must be white.

The obtained effect is a glossy white board with a 4 mm tinted glass overlapping its surface.


DUO ( Cristal effect over metalized surface ).

A metalized ink is placed over the wide section of the edge .


DUO (Cristal gloss-matt effect)

Simulates a 4 mm tinted glass ( glossy ) placed over a surface of the same color ,but matt.



Plain colours and aluminium

Plain colors and aluminums with a metalized effect.

Being a 3D , the glossy effect when viewing the edge at an angle is obtained .


Wood grain

3D effect with wood-grain printed.


Chrome trimming

A 4 mm wide chrome strip placed over the surface of the edge , simulates a metalic frame effect on a kitchen cabinet door when its 4 edges are combined .


Glass in

Simulates the effect of 3 layers of glass overlapping a board.

See the video 


Waves effect

Metal is actually in fashion. Consecuently, we joined this passion for the metalic trend with the introduction of 4 new  edgebanding references in 3D PMMA high gloss.

Available in 23mm width X 1.3mm thickness, and, in 43mm width X 1.5mm thickness ( mainly for worktops ).

Innovation  with the purpose of creating very interesting designs in the following tones : silver, bronze, copper, and titanium.

Besides its metallic aspect, a true sensation of depth is experienced due to its waves.

It amazingly  imitates an undulated aluminum sheet.

Available in rolls : 25, 50, and 175 meters length.


With aluminium foil

This product is also a 3D edgebanding, but inside the edge has a real aluminium foil.

The foil is protected outside and backside for PMMA.

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