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Digital printing
on edgebands

We can apply digital printing technology to our edgebanding production.

Certain designs, due to the complexity, color variation and superposed designs, cannot be optimally reproduced by means of traditional printing technology “printing rollers”. With digital printing technique, almost any design or photography can be reproduced on edgebands. Therefore, you will get the perfect match for your board.

(Examples of designs that can not be made by traditional cylinder printing)

First, we scan the board surface to be reproduced. Then we produce a digital file and, finally, we reproduce it on the edge band. This can be applied to PVC, ABS or unilayer melamine edgebands.

Thanks to digital printing, we can guarantee perfect copies of any board. Here you can see some examples: [Board on the left; edge band on the right]

Digital printing advantages

We can print any image on the edge band, reaching a resolution of 720 dpi. Digital technology lets designers’ imaginations run wild and stamp a unique mark on every work.

We can scan any board and print the perfectly copied design on the edgeband.

It is possible to choose a particular zone of the board, and even different zones depending on the width of the edge band.

This represents a great advance in terms of similarity of the designs, compared to traditional printing using cylinders.

The digital printer is even capable of reproducing the touch of a melamine on the edge band.

It is possible to synchronise the texture with the design, reaching a much more realistic result.

It is possible to give the edge bands any gloss level, from 4 to 90 Gloss, to perfectly match the board surfaces.


The digital printer can reproduce designs up to 2 m long, achieving a more natural look with fewer repeats.

Traditional cylinder print

The design is repeated every 40-60 cm, when the cylinder makes a complete turn. This is noticeable in large pieces, giving a less natural appearance.


When a new melamine design reaches the market, we can scan the board and print it on the edgeband almost immediately. This means:

  • Lower turnaround times for new products.
  • The capability of manufacturing low quantities of special or complex designs.

Traditional cylinder print

Traditionally, when a new melamine design arrives on the market, it is necessary to develop a new printing cylinder to manufacture its matching edgeband. This task entails additional production time and cost.


The digital printer can make a small imprint as a sample for the customer to approve it, and then make the whole production. As both are made by the same machine, there are not any differences.

Traditional cylinder print

With conventional methods, final productions and edge band samples are manufactured in different machines so there may be differences between them.