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for lacquering

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We have available several edgeband products suitable for lacquering. We can supply edgebands made of different materials for this purpose: veneer, melamine, PVC and polyester. Also in different thicknesses.

Depending on the type of board to be edged, and in order to ensure optimum result, you should choose different edgebands. For MDF boards the edgeband should be thinner; while for chipboard, it should be thicker.

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Edgebands for lacquering have some common characteristics:

They must have a good adherence on the surface for the lacquers on the actual market.

The surface must be as uniform (sealed) as possible, in order to obtain a perfect surface finish with the least lacquer consumption.

For optimum results while lacquering, in some materials, we can apply a base+sanding. 

This will provide the edgeband with a surface that will feature a perfect look, while saving on efforts and lacquer consumption.