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The new hiper-realistic decorative edgeband

We have developed a new concept of mosaic edgebanding. The new edgeband collection stands out by its deep embossing synchronized with the mosaic design.
To achieve this realistic look, we have created a special texture that highlights the tiles and their interior cracks. We can also play with the reflections by applying a gloss finish on the surface of the tiles, but not on the joints.
Combine it with different materials and enhance the decorative value of your furniture.
You can already order mosaic edgeband designs, from one roll and in any width.
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Stone mosaic, the most versatile

We have gloss and matt stone mosaic edgeband designs so that you can achieve the best effect according to the chosen surface.
Thanks to their grayish tones, they can be combined with plain colour melamines or with concrete, stone and marble designs.
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Silver mosaic, the most sophisticated

The silver reflection of the tiles contrasts with the rough white surface of the joints.
Stone or cement designs melamines combine perfectly with this edgeband. In addition, high gloss surfaces match the gloss of the tiles.
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Vintage golden mosaic, the boldest one

This edgeband is made on a PVC base with an overlayed aluminum film.
Let it be the main attraction of your interior project and catch the eye of your customers.
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