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Should you need an oversized edge band (5 mm thickness or more), fixed length multi-layered veneer strips are available. Thick veneer strips are constructed using several veneer layers of standard thickness (0,5 mm) pressed together to form a sandwich to the desired thickness.
The thickness of the strips enables the user to trim the edge at the desired radius, thus enhancing the aspect and quality of high end furniture.
Ever since the emergence of automatic edge banding machines, this product is only used for specific applications requiring a 5 mm thickness edge or more (which cannot be produced in rolls).
Possible widths of this product range from 60 mm to 250 mm and its maximum length is 3 lineal meters.
We can supply the surface sanded under request. The roughened backside (40 grit) ensures a strong bonding surface.
The strips can be supplied, with or without sanding on external layer, although the under layer is always sanded ( 40 grit), to ensure optimum bonding to the board.
The advantages of this product compared to solid veneer strips are:
  • First quality veneer is used on the upper layer, insuring thus the finest aspect of tonality and grain required.
  • Multi-layered thick veneer strips are more flexible than solid veneer strips.
  • This product will not warp or twist unlike solid veneer strips.
  • The roughened backside ensures a strong bonding surface.
  • Offers better and easier conservation and storage possibilities.
We believe in sustainability and the good use of natural resources. Find here our Declaration of Commitment with FSC.
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