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Terrazzo is ready for its comeback: new edgeband available

Although it remained forgotten for a long time terrazzo is back with more strength than ever. This flooring material has reappeared to be 2018’s best trend. But  it has not returned to stay on the floor of our homes, now we can find terrazzo in many different  surfaces and at different places.

That is why, in Cantisa, we have created the edgeband that matches Terrazo Mix melamine by FINSA. To reproduce this material, we have copied the look of concrete combined with chips of marble in different colours. That marble colours are designed to match different types and tones of wood.

Canto terrazo

Achieve a more realistic effect thanks to its colours and solid concrete look

Terrazzo modernises itself and becomes a new decorative option. Considered the evolution of marble, terrazzo is ideal for countertops in kitchen and bathroom furnitures. FINSA’s Terrazo Mix melamine along with Cantisa’s edgebands will make your designs stand out of the crowd.

Terrazzo pattern can also be applied in other elements such as lamps, chairs or stools. Cantisa dares you to create and imagine with this new-old material.

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