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PVC and real wood
Screw covers

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We have over 150 references of screw covers in stock for immediate delivery, available in both PVC and natural wood. This way, you can give the perfect finish to your boards, not only on the edges.

The screw covers are peel-and-stick. This makes them very easy and quick to install, and they can even be easily repositioned.

These adhesive patches cover all types of screws, imperfections, or holes. Additionally, they protect the furniture from accumulated dust and rust caused by leaving the screws exposed.

Check out our screw covers catalogue to know all the available references, both in PVC and in real wood.

  • Clean and dry the surface where the screw cover will be glued.
  • Avoid touching the sticky side of the screw cover with your fingers.
  • After gluing the screw cover in place, apply pressure for a few seconds. Then, let it dry for 24 hours.
  • Once in place, screw covers should be kept at room temperature between 18 and 30 ºC. (64 – 86 ºF)

PVC screw covers

We offer a wide catalogue of PVC stickers to cover screw holes in furniture. These adhesive caps mimic the surfaces of the most popular melamine and laminated boards. Our screw covers catalogue includes designs such as wood, stone, rust, metallic, and plain colours. They even come with texture for a more realistic result. PVC screw cover caps are designed to conceal screw holes in melamine furniture, providing a seamless surface finish.

We have screw cover caps in stock, available in 14 mm and 20 mm diameters. Check them out in our digital catalogue.

We can manufacture PVC screw cover caps on request in 14 mm, 20 mm, or other diameters, mimicking the surface of any board.

If you are looking for screw covers for lacquering, we offer a reference in 14 and 20mm. Its 0.2 mm thick and its surface is prepared to receive a coat of lacquer.

Real wood screw covers

Our natural wood screw covers are designed to hide screw holes in the manufacturing of wooden furniture. They are peel and stick for quick, easy, and durable application.

These wooden stickers are ideal for use in manufacturing natural wood furniture. Crafted from the same material, the furniture surface and the screw-cover maintain a homogeneous appearance after applying varnish or tint. Additionally, they age similarly, ensuring a consistent aesthetic throughout their entire lifespan.

You can now place your order for natural wood screw covers in Ash, White Oak, Steamed Beech, Sapele, and Walnut veneers, in ø14 mm or ø20 mm.

Contact our sales team for other diameters and species.