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Edgebands in stock for Finsa Selection: Home Furniture

Among its most remarkable designs, Finsa has picked several melamine designs especially suitable for Home Furniture Manufacturers.
At Cantisa you can find the edgebands matching these selected designs.

Inspiration and trends

Finsa launches an inspirational guide for home furniture manufacturers, which proposes possible applications of their melamine designs in different interior settings. It is a catalog that comprises a selection of materials from Duo, Studio, and Actua collections.

At Cantisa we offer edgebanding solutions for this selection by Finsa so that you can achieve complete continuity between the surfaces and the edges of your furniture. Don’t worry about the edge bands, we have them all available with immediate delivery, from a roll, and at any width.

Make a difference through touch.

The textures included in this selection have been chosen to emphasize the realism of the surface, giving the final product an incredibly natural look. This catalog comprises the most recently incorporated finishes by Finsa, highlighting the new URAL texture.

At Cantisa, we make sure that the embossing of our edgebands matches the texture of the board. Thus, you can achieve the perfect finish for your furniture.

As you know, attentioto detail makes a difference.

Combina tableros y cantos en el Simulador.

You can combine some of Finsa’s Home Furniture selection designs with our edgebands at the 3D Customizer:



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Edgeband: 6763.08 (Testa) + 6563.08 (Malla)  | Board: 09U Fresno Pampa – Finsa

Edgeband: 6766.08 (Testa) + 6566.08 (Malla) | Board: 10U Fresno Patagonia

Edgeband: 7208.08 (testa) + 7794.08 (malla) | Board: 3AE Roble Oasis – Finsa

Catálogo de tapones cubretornillos de Cantisa

Peel and stick screw covers

Remember that you can complete your order with matching screw covers with Finsa’s designs.

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