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Self adhesive screw cover caps arrive in Cantisa

We expand our range of products to cover the needs of our customers.

Cantisa offers you more than 120 references of screw caps that match the designs of the main board manufacturers. Our screw caps reproduce different kind of textures, so you will always find the design that matches your melamine board.

The screw covers have a self-adhesive surface on the back. That makes them very easy and quick to apply.

The self adhesive screw caps embellish all types of exposed screws, nails or defects thanks to the two available diameters of 14 and 20 mm, ands its thickness of 0.4 mm . They are made of PVC, a resistant and durable material that maintains the intensity of the colours. Therefore, you will not need to replace the screw covers during the life of the furniture. They also protect the furniture from accumulated dust or the rust caused by exposed screws.

Lacquered caps

If you are looking for screw covers to later lacquer them, we have a reference in 14 and 20mm ideal for lacquering. Unlike the rest of caps, it is 0.2 mm thick and its surface is prepared to receive a coat of lacquer.

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