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Décor Programme edgebanding collection for Losan’s melamines

Losan offers a wide range of melamine designs. This melamine manufacturer is continuously transforming and perfecting their products. Cantisa’s aim is to offer a world of possibilities. That is why, we have Décor Programme collection, a selection of our decorative PVC edgebands.

Your interiorism project with our decorative PVC edgebands

Its melamines, together with the different finishes, open a window to imagination. When it comes to designing and decorating interior spaces, our customers can match Losan’s melamines with our decorative edgebands.

Décor Programme & Losan's melamines

We have already combined some of our decorative PVC edgebands with Losan’s melamines.

Be inspired with our combinations and give added value to Losan’s melamines. Remember that possibilities are endless.

Losan's Harry end grain embossed-in edgeband
Losan imitates to perfection the beauty of real wood thanks to the elegance of the lacquering and the designs of their surfaces.
Combine them with our synchronized end grain edgeband and give a solid wood look to your furniture. Our synchronized technique allows you to see and touch the growth rings.
Synchronized end grain edgeband >>
Losan's Valentino with metallic edgeband
Did you ever imagine a textile melamine with a metallic edgeband? Losan’s Valentino melamine, together with our PVC edgeband with real aluminium foil, is a decorative option for bathrooms.
We also have Valentino design edgebanding, ideal for wardrobes.
Metallic edgeband >>
Losan's Mamol Carrara with gold inox edgeband and mosaic edgeband
Marble combined with metallic tones is the last trend in interiorism.
You can also combine our mosaic edgeband with stone designs to give a different touch to your furniture.
Losan's Rojo EO with grid effect edgeband
Forget about the edgeband matching the melamine board and start creating different effects.
Any of our Décor Programme references will give added value to Losan’s plain colour melamines. Our grid effect edgeband, an Interzum Award winner, is a great choice to create contrast in your designs.
Grid effect edgeband >>
Losán Tepee with stitch effect edgeband
Add a stitch to your leather design melamines and achieve a more realistic effect in wardrobes.
Type the word “costura” in our edgeband finder to see all our stitch effect edgeband references.
 Stitch effect edgeband >

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